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HR Training

Chaos in the Workplace:Multiple Generational Interactions

Available as either a full day seminar or as a meeting presentation, this program is based on the work of Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman in their book When Genertations Collide, The seminar will guide you through the characterisitics of each of the four separate generations that we encounter every day in our business organizations. During the course of the interactive presentation, we will look at the expectations, demands and changing faces of each generation. Whether you are a traditionalist, a baby boomer, a Gen X or Gen Y member, you have very distinct expectations of what your workplace will look like.

Training Effectiveness: Is the Cost Justified?

Based on the Six-Sigma Black Belt Project of DBAI's Managing Consultant, this presentation reviews the current state of the evaluation of training programs within Corporate America and looks at the problems in determining a true Return on Investment of your training programs. Based on the DuPont Corporation's model for determining the atributes of a program to implement a travel incentive program, DBAI has created an attribute evaluation method for determining whether you are spending your training funds wisely.

Human Capital Resource Management: A Six-Sigma Based Approach to Paving Your Way to the Table

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your career. Designed as either a day long seminar or a meeting presentation, this program aligns six-sigma with the Human Resource Certification Institute's Body of Knowledge. This interactive program provides you with a clear path to move the human resource function to the strategic partner table, which in this new global marketplace is where you belong.

Driving the HR 500: Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your career. Gain access to the partnership table through the language of business. Are you functioning as more than an administrative vehicle? Unfortunately, for many HR professionals the answer is no. The corporate world is changing with a blink of an eye. You can either be part of that change or remain in the HR silo which is looked upon as an impediment to the progress of most organizations.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Our 14-hour workshop, The Ultimate Improvement Cycle: A Six Sigma approach to Human Capital Management will help you identify those strategies to enable you to become part of the change effort within your organization. The Ultimate Improvement Cycle is your direct route to

  • Understanding the language of business

  • Identifying sources of non-value added activities within your HR process

  • Identifying techniques for eliminating non-value added activities

  • Increasing your bottom line

  • Ensuring that your processes are repeatable each and every time

  • Choosing the appropriate tools to solve problems

  • Real life examples of the six sigma methodology in action

Workshop materials include a take away workbook and a 30-day free trial to QI Macros , an excel based cross platform program which contains the six sigma tool box. Seating limited to 25 participants.

Registration Fee: Check with us on locational costs

Full license to QI Macros: $199.00

Scheduled Seminars

October 17-18, 2011 Pensacola, FL Pensacola State College

November 7 & 9, 2011 Lakeland, FL Polk College

November 14-15, 2011 Clearwater, FL St Petersburg College

February 7-9, 2012 Pensacola, FL Pensacola State College

March 22-23, 2012 Columbius, OH Human Resource Association of Central Ohio

Are you Giving your Best? Customer Service and Relocation Services
Have you ever said or did something and had a customer walk away? Have you ever been told that a person who was serving you was too busy to answer your questions? This eight hour seminar is a look at customer service standards and how they can be used to improve your business climate. This seminar can be either of a generic nature or customized to your particular industry or situation.

Corporate Relocation@NetSpeed : How to use relocation services to increase your talent bottom line cost-effectively

In this age of tight employment markets,corporations need toolsto increase their competitive edge in the marketplace. One of these tools is the use of relocation benefits. The material looks at the various relocation policy components and how when they are used correctly can save corporations monies in the long run. Can be used as a meeting presentation or as a stand alone seminar.

HR Compliance Lunch and Learn

Designed as a one hour lunch and learn for managers, this series of presentations deal with specific human resource challenges confronting business organizations today. Current topics are shown below:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act - Discusses the changes in the original law as introduced with the passage of the Americans with Disabilites Amendment Act
  • Thresholds - No matter what the size of your organization various Employment laws have certain thresholds which govern if they apply to your organization
  • Family Medical and Leave Act
  • Sexual Harassment

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