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Looking for that program for your next meeting? Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. offers a number of meeting topics in hour length presentations which would meet your meeting requirements. If you are interested in any of the topics below, our expectation is that a per diem will be paid for our time plus the covering of all of our travel expenses.

  • Chaos in the Workplace:Four Mindsets, One Business Goal

Spend some time talking to members of management within your organization and you will hear a discourse centered around how the younger generations don't understand business. The problem is that they do understand business but from a different perspective.This program , based on the work of Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman in their book When Generations Collide, will guide you through the characteristics of each of the four separate generations that we encounter every day in our business organizations. During the course of the interactive presentation, we will look at the expectations, demands and changing faces of each generation. Whether you are a traditionalist, a baby boomer, a Gen X or Gen Y member, you have very distinct expectations of what your workplace will look like. No matter what that perspective each generation has the same identical goal - to be part of a thriving organization.

  • In Plain Sight: Hidden Wastes Which Affect the Viability of Your Organization

Every organization has its processes or widgets. Each of these processes will have from time to time have some hiccups. These occur because most organizations do not seek out where the hiccups occur. Most of the types of non-value added activities within your organization are right under your nose, you have just never looked for them. This presentation walks you through the nine types of waste found in most organizations and how to correct them.

  • Who Am I? The Role of Human Capital in the Global Workplace

As we have moved through the ages, the concept of our business enterprises has changed. As a result the role of the human capital asset has also changed. This presentation follows the role of the employee from the Agricultural Age to the current Knowledge Age and looks at the changing expectations from the organizational level. It is critical in this global workplace that you gain a greater understanding of the role your human capital assets play within the organizational structure. This program will show you the path.

  • Are you Giving your Best? Voice of the Customer and Your Organization
    Have you ever said or did something and had a customer walk away? Have you ever been told that a person who was serving you was too busy to answer your questions? This seminar is a look at customer service standards and how they can be used to improve your business climate. This seminar can be either of a generic nature or customized to your particular industry or situation.

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