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DBAI has Assisted Mediacentric with many relocations from locations around the country to the
Tampa Bay Area. The vast network compiled by Dan Bloom and DBAI solved many complex

I have always received excellent customer service, speedy communication, courteous and
professional assistance, and just billing. My employees were comfortable with the relocation
process and felt well taken care of.

DBAI has been instrumental in decreasing my workload in relation to relocating employees.
Thanks to them, I was able to concentrate my efforts in more vital areas.

Any company considering DBAI as a vendor has my most enthusiastic recommendation. If their
performance with Mediacentric is any indication, their performance will be exemplary. I would
gladly use DBAI for future engagements.


Erika Buckley
Human Resource Manager
Mediacentric Group Inc.

Thank you again for the dedication and persistence in getting these policies. We reviewed over 90 policies and procedures, and consolidated those to about 70 policies with over 50 accompanying procedures and processes...not bad six week's worth of work! We appreciate your efforts in working within the framework of the Policy Tech software, and working to adapt to the needs of our organization for a strong compliance focus while retaining a flexible outcome. Your expertise and strong research skills were a key part in making this process effective and efficient, and we sincerely value the contributions you made in helping us transition our policies from an under 50 organization to meet the legal requirements of a larger organization with federal contracts requirements. I wish yout he best in your future endeavors, and am sure that we will cross paths as we traverse throught the HR community!


Elizabeth H. Yourkievitz, SPHR
Human Resources Operations Manager
National Forensic Science Technology Center®



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