What do I do now?


Daniel T. Bloom SCRP

You have accepted your "dream" position and you are scheduled to report for work. What do you have to do now to complete the move?

Relocation is a traumatic event. Studies over the years have indicated that you are entering the third most stressful event in one's life. The only other events, which cause more stress, is the death of a spouse or a divorce. Over the next roughly 420 days you have three hundred separate activities that must be completed before you can be fully productive in your new position. We can divide these activities into several general areas. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are the general areas and some of the activities that need to be completed.

Pre-Move: These activities occur within the first 90 days of the process

• Defining the time of the move

• Contacting a real estate broker

• Gaining information about the transfer benefits

• New area assessments

New community/home search: Occurs between day 30 and 90

• Assess the new community

• Apply for the mortgage

• Look at possible new residences

• House hunting trip(s)

• Spouse job hunting

Disposition of old home: Occurs between day 45 and 150

• Determine the value of the residence

• Make any repairs

• Assessing offers on the property

• Determining the tax impact

Moving Out : Occurs between day 90 and 150

• Determining what is to be moved

• Closing all accounts

• Changing all addresses

• Pick up children's medical and educational records

Settling In: Occurs between day 90 and 180

• Arrange for temporary living

• Pay utility deposits

• License cars and pets

• Find doctors and hospitals

• Register to vote

• Get new drivers license

• Get wills revised

Settling up: Occurs days 120 to 420

• Pay all moving costs

• Get refunds from old insurance policies

• Review tax records for moving expenses

Relocation can be very stressful. It also can be a time of new adventures. Try and create a checklist of the things that need to be done as you make the move. We will all forget something but the checklist can assist in minimizing those stressful items that are overlooked.

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