Relocation and the World Wide Web


Daniel T. Bloom SCRP

If you know where to turn to, your life as a human resources representative has just gotten easier, maybe.

Return with me to the days of yesteryear. We are talking about going back in time only about ten years. You hired an individual and then turned to your local real estate agent or chamber of commerce to obtain the information you needed for a newcomer's package. This package was used to orient the new employee to the area in which they were moving to.

Jump ahead to the present and the whole picture has changed. The ever growing presence of the world wide web and it's resources has made the acquiring of new area information infinitely easier if you know where to direct that new employee. The key is to find out what information the employee wants and needs.

Some of the better sites on the web to find out information about the new community are as follows: ( - This is the site of the National Association of Realtors. Included on the site is the information on every home listed in a Multiple Listing Service anywhere in the United States. It also contains a roster of every member of the Association. ( - Provides the employee with access to a directory of every chamber of commerce within the United States.

MapQuest ( - Reports itself to be the most complete database of addresses in the world. It promises to place you within 500 yards of any address in the world. One of the other added benefits of the site is that you can tell the database to show the location of shopping, doctors and other neighborhood amenities on the map around your destination.

School match ( - One of two sites which is designed exclusively to provide data on the schools in the new location. The report provides you with a method of comparing the transferee's present school situation with the school situation in the new area.

The School Report ( - A service of the National School Reporting Service, it is the other primary source for school information across the country.

Home price ( - One of several sites on the web that provides you with a larger amount of information. The new employee provides the database with an address in the new community and the database in turn generates a report. In the report, the user can find information about that address from the tax rolls, the location and sale price of 30 homes within a half -mile radius over the past six months. It also provides full school information and the information about the neighborhood. There is a fee of $24.95 per report.

City Guide ( -City Guides is advertised as a provider of travel information on the cities included. It will provide you with information on shopping, museums, hotels and other information that maybe needed on the new city.

There are several "all inclusive sites" which bring you a wide range of information. They are designed to try to become a one stop shopping venue for your relocation needs. Of the many such sites on the web, there are three, which particularly stand out.

Virtual ( - probably one of the most used sites of its kind in the marketplace today. It is currently reporting 600,000 visitors a month. They also have just been purchased by and will shortly be changing their name to Monster On the site, you can find access to directories of relocation services of all kinds including salary and cost of living comparison calculators.

Relocation Central ( - Another general site, it professes to be the online guide for people on the move. As with Virtual Relocation, the site provides links to all sorts of resources for the person who is being relocated.

Home Fair ( - One of the oldest sites of its kind on the web, Home fair provides access to resources and a battery of relocation tools that the individual can access during the planning stages of the move. Like the other sites, it also has a cost of living calculator and salary calculator as part of their services.

We have just scratched the surface in looking at the resources of the web for those who are being relocated. As the web changes almost daily, so do the resources available for the new employee to learn about the new community where they are moving.

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