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Daniel T. Bloom SCRP

As an employer, you are all aware that some of your competition may be offering relocation policy components, which are equal to or better than yours. What are these policy components and how do they work.

For the individual interested in finding out more about how the relocation industry works there is a variety of resources to go to. These sources can be divided into several categories each providing a different aspect to the industry.

Trade Associations

Like every other industry, the relocation industry has its own trade association. Founded in 1964 as the Employee Relocation Real Estate Advisory Council, the Employee Relocation Council ( is a resource for the latest relocation information. ERC also maintains forty-five regional Employee Relocation Councils, which run programs all through the year. Since 1974, the ERC Research department has completed and produced survey reports on relocation issues, which can be obtained from them directly.


Another avenue for obtaining the knowledge that you are seeking is by attending a seminar on relocation issues. Each of the regional ERC councils present programs throughout the year. On the national scene, most industry professionals will tell you that there are probably three main relocation seminars that are presented each year.

In May of each year, the Employee Relocation Council presents its National Relocation Conference. Usually attended by over 2000 relocation professionals, the conference presents a series of workshops over a two day period discussing the latest trends, tax questions and benchmarking successful relocation programs and policies.

In October, the Employee Relocation Council follows their first conference with a Global Workforce Symposium, which provides the participants with an overview of the issues and a look at International relocation issues also.

Later in the year, usually in December Paul Taylor and Associates ( presents a two day conference in the Boston area Like the previous seminars, this one looks at the latest trends in the industry through presentations through a number of industry professionals.

Print Media

The primary source in print media for gaining knowledge about the relocation industry is to obtain a copy of the book "Guide for Managing the Mobile Workforce." It is a primer on the basics of the industry. It can be is available from the Employee Relocation Council.

One of the problems with the relocation industry as well as the HR field is that you could read yourself to death if you are not careful. However, there are some primary sources of information available as newsletters or magazines that will provide you with an up-to-date look at the industry.

The industry trade magazine is Mobility magazine ( It is published once a month throughout the year. Both magazine staff and professionals within the industry write the articles. The March issue every year is devoted to Human Resource issues.

A second good resource is the Relocation Business News (203-322-4666). Published twice a month, the newsletter provided the reader with the latest going on in the industry. Subscribers also receive an e-mail update each week.

A similar newsletter is the Relocation Report ( which is also printed twice a month and provides articles pertaining to relocation issues.

On a weekly basis, Mobility Services International prints an online version of a newsletter called Newsbreak,( which provides its readers with the latest news from the industry. This includes results of surveys and announcements of upcoming meetings within the industry. Newsbreak prints the information categorized as domestic or international in focus.

If you are seeking information on a less frequent basis, Dotsero Inc. ( a relocation consultant based in Chicago publishes the Relocation Compass. Like the other offerings, the Relocation Compass provides its readers with information on changes in the industry, who is where, and announcements of up and coming seminars.

Like the global workplace we operate in, the relocation industry changes almost by the minute. To maintain a knowledge level of this industry you need access to the information, which will govern your judgement in the future regarding relocation benefits. The sources we have described above are a good starting point.

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