Beware of the Silent Partner


Daniel T. Bloom SCRP

Ever hire an employee who you thought was the answer to all your dreams and then after about six months have them return to their old home location. One of the problems here is that the employer over looked the influence of the family members in the move.

In today's business environment, survey after survey has stated that the number one reason that relocations fail is the inability of the spouse and dependents to adjust to the new location. If you have a spouse or dependent who takes an instant dislike to the new area your chances of having a long term employee are dramatically reduced.

So here are some suggestions for countering this bump in the road:

Spouse involved in the planning. From the point that the job offer is extended

the spouse should be involved in every stage of the move. This includes the moving

time table.

Dependents included in house hunting trips. Let the dependents go on the

house hunting trips and make sure that the tour of the area includes a look at the

schools and the recreational opportunities.

Locate a mentor. Find a person within the company at the new location who can

serve as a resource for the questions that the new family will have as they try and

adapt to the new area.

Know the needs of the family. Make sure you understand all the needs of the

family. In this era of increased elder care requirements, the difficulties in solving the

problems that arise from a relocation can use the extra help. A recent study indicated

that caregivers for the elderly lose $659,000 in income due to lost opportunities.

Have an open door policy . HR should be sure that both the line managers and the

HR department make it clear to the transferee and the family, that the door is always

Open if a problem is arising. You need to get to these problems earlier rather than later.

Every employer in this country is having problems finding quality talent for their openings. The problem is multiplied when the family begins the process by feeling as though they were left out of the process planning. Get the whole family involved in the planning and you have a better chance of initiating a successful relocation.

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