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The Road to HR Excellence – A Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course


About this Seminar

We survive in a VUCA world where your  organziation is faced wth daily life surrounded by volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity. These issues require a new view of the business world, one based on everyone speaking the language of business. As a result you need to learn the language of business so you are able to communicate to the entire organizatios the need for continuous process improvement. Based on the book Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma 2nd Edition, one of only eight other offerings of its kind, this 21-hour course provides the understanding of the six-sigma methodology from an HR perspective.

The seminar is offered in two formats  first you can purchase the entire package at one time or you can take each of the sessions separately noting that the six sigma certification will be earned after the completion of all the requirements of the course.

Financial Investment

$1279 per participant which includes 1-year license to the QI Macros software, free download of the TLS Continuum Toolbox

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This seminar will be of value to all levels within the organization from the corner office to the HR department staff. It will also be of value to your suppliers utilized in the operations of HR


The purpose of this seminar is to present you with a new view of the HR function moving you from the transactional or traditional HR to  being a strategic and vital part of the netire organization.

What You Will Learn

In the course of the 21 hours of the contents you will learn how to define HR excellence and how to apply that definition organization.to the continuous process improvement within your organization. The seminar will also lay out how to speak the language of business by understanding the origin of non-value-added activities in your processes and how those activities affect the voice of the customer. Further we wll explore how process improvement has evolved since 1945. You will also learn how to identify your system constraints and how to implement solutions that will resolve them.

Certification Requirements

During the course of the seminar, you will be asked to complete certain task along the way. Further as part of the seminar content you are asked to bring a problem or issue from your HR function and create a full six sigma project centered around that issue. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification will be issued upon the completion of all the assigned tasks and the final project packet. You will also be expected to complete the two exams – one in the beginning and one at the end. The final exam must have a pass rate of at least 70%.

This program is pre-approved as an accredited six sigma yellow belt training program by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.


There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this webinar other than a willingness to take a new journey in your career and be willing to leave the status quo

Course Content Summary

Session 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Defining HR Excellence
  • Quality Essentials (History of Process Improvement)

Session 2:

  • What is the TLS Continuum?
  • Organizational Waste
  • Project Design and Team Essentials
  • Voice of the Customer

Session 3:

  • The TLS Continuum Methodology

Session 4:                                  

  • HRCI Body of Knowledge and the TLS Continuum
  • How to Implement the TLS Continuum
  • Road to HR Excellence
  • Final Project

Read your peer comments of this course

“Thanks again for a great Six Sigma class last week. You have inspired me to think about additional training and professional practice of these concepts — I see great value to applying them to HR and other administrative processes and projects. And, I’ve already put the DMAIC to use on one of our internal HR processes. I call that an excellent return on my raining dollars.”

– VP Human Resources , Major Trade Association

Completed this program through the Performance institute in Washington, DC and received my Yellow Belt. I found this program to be immediately applicable in my place of work. The tools that I got through this program were well worth the investment, alone. Since then, Daniel Bloom has published a book entitled “Achieving HR Excellence Through Six Sigma”. If you are interested in HR Process improvement, then I recommend the program and the book.

Rudolph (Rudy) Boone
Salaried Personnel Supervisor (Retired)
Ford Motor Company

This program makes you rethink the way you view HR. It will empower you to want to make immediate and sustained improvements in your organization.

Lorri Kindberg
Human Resources Manager
Sparton Electronics

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